The Unmoored God

Believing in a Time of Dislocation

This short, profound reflection centers on the meaning of faith and the place of God in a time of “dislocation.” As Paul Crowley writes: “Dislocated humanity is met by a God who chooses a divine dislocation in the Incarnation, entering simply and intimate­ly into our own human condition and showing the way, through suffering, toward life. Believ­ing in this unmoored God would look like en­tering into solidarity with unmoored humanity, and journeying with those who suffer, just as God did in Jesus.”

For all who struggle with belief in God in a time lacking familiar props or sure signposts, Crowley offers answers from his own heartfelt reflection and theological struggle.

Publisher: Orbis Books

Paul G. Crowley, SJ is Jesuit Community Profes­sor at Santa Clara University. He is editor-in-chief of Theological Studies and author of four books, including two edited for Orbis: Robert McAfee Brown and From Francis to Vatican II.

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