19 Replies to “Book available in June 2022”

  1. HELLO! I am interested SEDOS Mission Symposium on 11 – 15 October 2021. The theme is Common Trends in Mission, Back to the Roots. I would like to register for this invitation. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless your good works.

  2. I would like to participate in this symposium on Common Trends in Mission.
    Please kindly register my name

  3. Hallo, I am really interested to participate since i am also a missionary and worked in the peripheries and this will be more enriching. Thankyou for the invitation and hope i will get the opportunity to participate.

  4. Hi good evening, Philippine time. How are you guys doing? Hopefully this text finds you all in good health and spirit. I’m interested to join the upcoming SEDOS Mission Symposium on 11 – 15 October 2021. See you all next week. Take good care. God bless us all 🙏

    Kans, cicm

  5. Happy Monday! This is my first time hearing about SEDOS. I just want to know if this free symposium is for anybody because I want to share it with my lay friends. Thank you.

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