SEDOS Residential Seminar from 3 to 7 May 2021
(Simultaneous Translation in Four Languages)
Living Green Mission
at Casa Divin Maestro, Ariccia (Rome)
In cooperation with JPIC of USG/UISG!!!
Registrations will start in January 2021,
but you can let us know already if you wish to participate…

For program see:

EN Sedos Residential Seminar 2021 Program

IT Seminario Residenziale Sedos 2021 Programma

FR Séminaire Résidentiel Sedos 2021 Programme

SP Seminario Residencial Sedos 2021 Programa

How to apply for a VISA to come to the seminar:

1. Info about Visa application

2. Sample of SEDOS Invitation letter

3. Sample of Confirmation of Registration

4. Form-Proof of Sponsorship or Private Accommodation

5. Sample of Visa application with certificate from Vatican State

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