Residential Seminar 2021 LIVING GREEN MISSION (Archive)

03 to 07 May 2021


EN -SEDOS Residential Seminar 2021 program (final)

IT SEDOS Seminario Residentiale 2021 Program (final)

FR – SEDOS Seminaire Residentiel 2021 Programme (final)

SP – SEDOS Seminario Residenziale 2021 Program (final)

Recording links:

May 3, 2021

Access Passcode: Kb!R0$2k

May 4, 2021

Access Passcode: KfN0V841

May 5, 2021

Access Passcode: JMdf6pLX

May 6, 2021

Access Passcode: 3cg1V5b%

May 7, 2021

Access Passcode: D2QtV9$p


2 Replies to “Residential Seminar 2021 LIVING GREEN MISSION (Archive)”

  1. I have just registered for the seminar – Living Green Mission.
    The payment of Euros 50 will be made by Medical Mission Sisters either from the UK or Germany . will let you know as soon as the payment is made.
    Thank you

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