Joseph’s Song (with lyrics) by Amos and Margaret Raber.

*While there is no solid proof, some historians believe that Joseph likely passed away before the ministry of Jesus began. This song assumes he lived to see the full life and crucifixion of the Christ.

Amos also wrote an inspirational story from Joseph’s perspective and what it may have been like to to be the earthly father of the Messiah, the Heavenly King.

A short blurb of the story . . . .
The news came, Mary was back in town! Joseph got a second wind of energy as he rounded the last corner and could see the roof of her house in the distance. In a few short moments he was slowing to open the gate in front of her home. He excitedly lifted his hand to knock on the door but before he could, Mary flung it open! She was as beautiful as ever, and oh how he had missed the sparkle in her eyes. A big long hug was in order.
Wait . . . what? Was he mistaken? He stepped back from the hug and in a glance noticed that something was different, very different. Could he be mistaken? Mary, his fiancé was pregnant!
His stomach felt like a ship anchor had fallen into it. He was totally confused. He knew he and Mary had never been together like that. How could this be?

Then he remembered. Three months ago, Mary had been acting a bit strange and it resulted in her announcing that she going to visit an older cousin. And now, she returned, pregnant. His eyes and head fell like the proverbial anchor in his stomach. His hands lost their grip from her arms and fell limp to his side. He slowly turned and began walking back toward the gate where he had just came through moments earlier.
“Joseph, wait!” Mary cried. “I can explain!” He kept walking. What was there to explain? It all added up perfectly for him. She had been untrue. The magnitude of her violation and the shame it would bring to their engagement was astronomical. The price was too great. He did what he had to do, he walked away.

Amos Raber Jr 12/2019

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