Institute of St.Anselm (Rome) – International Centre to train Formators Leaders and Evangelizers at all levels in the Church

Welcome to the Institute of St. Anselm

Greetings from St Anselm’s!

We are an international residential Centre for training in leadership and spiritual. personal and relational development of lay Christians, priests and members of religious communities. We welcome mature students from all over the world.There are around 60-100 participants each year for the Diploma and Certificate courses. The courses are full-time and residential but participants need to find accommodation for the Christmas and Easter breaks, each of which is for 3 weeks.

The mission of the Institute is to prepare and train leaders and formators. We aim to develop self-awareness and a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) in participants through integrating psychology with a deep spirituality.  We stress the importance of relationships with God, self, others and the environment, and this is carried out within the context of community living based on the model of the Blessed Trinity.

We believe that the best way to form leaders is from ‘the inside out’ based on a biblical model of leadership. Leadership and formation become an enjoyable challenge!

The way in which this mission is carried out is constantly re-evaluated by the Senior Management Team, the Programme Management Committee and the Assessment Board in conjunction with other staff and participants. The evaluation is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the Institute.

Participants will find here a nourishing spiritual and community life, as well as stimulation for the mind and heart and care for the health of the body. Ours is truly a holistic approach.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Institute.

With all best wishes,

Fr Len Kofler MHM (Director)


Accredited International Centre for Leadership Training

C/O IL Carmelo, Via Doganale 1, 00043 Ciampino, Roma, Italy

The institute offers


The programme is planned to serve the needs of bishops, major supervisors, parish priests or chaplains, community and group leaders, senior nursing staff, rectors of seminaries, members of formation teams, pastoral workers and leaders of lay communities.

Our courses are accredited by:

NCFE (Investing in Quality Licence)
ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Programmes)

What is the Institute of St Anselm?


The Institute of St. Anselm is an international training centre for leaders, formators and evangelisers in the Catholic Church.

Why should I train as a leader, formator or evangeliser?


Who I am as a leader and how I model this role is paramount for undertaking this work.

How can I find out more?


You can find out more my emailing us at, and, since you’re here, by further browsing this website.  Moreover, you would be most welcome to join us for a meal or even spend a few days with us.  We are located at Il Carmelo, Via Doganale 1 Ciampino, 00043 Roma, Italy.  You will get a sense of the multicultural atmosphere, meet the staff and students; you could even sit in for a lecture or two!

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