Opening Prayer

There is a famine in Bethlehem, the City of
Bread has no more bread for its people.
Together with her husband and sons, Naomi
becomes an economic migrant and goes to live a
better life in Moab. Not her choice, but a
necessity of survival.
The landscape of her life is changing.
Disaster strikes once again: her husband and
both her sons die. And she makes her choice to
go home. Home to Bethlehem that has bread
again. Home to her God who is with her people
in Judah.
Both her daughters-in-law, Oprah and Ruth,
accompany her on the road from Moab to
Judah. The landscape is changing, and they
reach the boarder, the point of decision.
“Go home where you belong”, Naomi urges her
daughters-in-law, “Go home to a better life
under the protection of your gods.”
And Oprah listens. She makes the intelligent
choice for her future. She returns to her roots
and affirms her identity inherited from her
culture of origin.
And Ruth listens too. She hears her heart
making a different choice than Oprah’s: Ruth’s
home is with her mother-in-law. Her home is

found in relationship with Naomi, and with Naomi’s God.

Ruth’s inner landscape is changing; her identity grows into something new: a new people, a new God, an unknown future.






The pilgrims paused on the ancient stones

In the mountain gap.
Behind them stretched the roadway
they had travelled.
Ahead, mist hid the track.
Unspoken the question hovered:
Why go on? Is life not short enough?
Why seek to pierce its mystery?
Why venture further on strange paths,

risking all'

Surely that is a gamble for fools – or lovers.
Why not return quietly to the known road?
Why be a pilgrim still?
A voice they knew called to them, saying:
This is Trasna, the crossing place.
Choose! Go back if you must,
You will find your way easily by
yesterday's fires,
there may be life in the embers yet.
If that is not your deep desire,
Stand still. Lay down your load.

Take your life firmly in your two hands,
(Gently… you are trusted with something


While you search your heart's yearnings:
What am I seeking? What is my quest?
When your star rises deep within,
Trust yourself to its leading.
You will have the light for first steps.
This is Trasna, the crossing place.


This is Trasna, the crossing place.


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