The proposal of the Diploma in Christian and Medieval Antiquities fits in the wake of the studies of History of the ancient and medieval Church undertaken since the foundation of the Faculty of Ecclesiastical History.

The Diploma – in Italian and lasting two semesters – intends to offer a solid basic preparation to those who wish to undertake historical, historical-artistic and archaeological studies or to know and deepen topics of interest. It is a training course dedicated to the knowledge of the history of the Church of Rome through written, monumental and historical-artistic sources .

The students will thus be able to combine the frontal lessons with the practical activities that will be carried out within the courses, enriched by the possibility of visiting and learning about the monuments of Rome , a sign of the History of the Church and the Papacy.

The lessons will be held in attendance within the limits allowed by the health regulations. Students who cannot attend will be guaranteed participation in telepresence lessons.

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email: storiaebeni@unigre.it – tel. +39 06 6707 5107

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