Faith-Based Development

How Christian Organizations Can Make a Difference

This book provides a mix of theology, church history and analysis of contemporary issues within the  humanitarian industry.

It remains a puzzle why secular aid agencies and faith-based organisations struggle so often to speak a common language. . .  Mitchell’s valuable book demonstrates the rich lessons that Christian aid agencies can provide and possible points of connection between the secular and the spiritual in the search to a more just world.”--Matthew Clarke, Head of School, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University.

Mitchell posits that, contrary to popular perception, church organizations have long been major players in international development work, and that many of these organizations do take the relationship between their work and the faith that underpins it very seriously. Instead of apologizing for their faith roots and expression, they should celebrate them—and recognize the value they bring to every development enterprise, secular or not.

Publisher: Orbis Books

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