P. Christophe Roucou

“Dialogue in a time of violence: a reading of Human Fraternity from the ground”
Focus your presentation on relations with Muslims in the era of global terrorism.
What is the current situation in France and what is the role of religious leaders in facing these challenges?

How Beautiful Are Your Works

Jeanne Kombe Lokalola, ICM

As of today we have been in Senegal for 11 years, and on behalf of my community through this article I wish to thank Father Peter above all and the whole SEDOS team who asked us to contribute to the SEDOS Bulletin.

How does Jesus train his Disciples to be missionaries?

I shall start with a short story.
A master of calligraphy shook his head on seeing a pupil’s exercise and asked: “Have you ever seen anything worse?”. The pupil, mortified and embarrassed, replied shyly: “Yes”, and pulled out from under the desk a bundle of rough copies he had made previously, each worse than the last.

Maria Ko Ha Fong, FMA