WORKSHOP ON SOUL COLLAGE – 2017 Discover Your Wisdom, Change Your World

This is an initiative of
Service of Documentation and Study on Global Mission

Mission- SoulCollage®: Discover your Wisdom,Change your World

 Welcome to a unique experience of Soul Tending.  Leave the linear world behind and shift into the realm of imagination, intuition and insight using the poetry of images and the SoulCollage® process to explore the mysteries of who you are and how God is calling forth growth in you.   Using SoulCollage® you combine dreams, imagination, personal symbols and intuition to create a powerful collages that carry meaning for your life.   Simply put, it is Soul Tending . . .

 SoulCollage® taps into the transformative power of imagination and intuition.  The Soul gravitates to powerful images that have meaning for you.  You may not know why.  But in mysterious ways, the meaning of each collage emerges through the very act of creating it and using it.   It is one way to notice the action of the Holy Spirit in your life.

SoulCollage® is a powerful prayer and retreat companion. It opens up new channels for God to reveal Godself in us.


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