Two Books Launching -2 November 2018, 5 pm

Dear everyone,
We are glad to communicate you that a first BOOK LAUNCHING event organized by Sedos is planned for All Souls Day, Friday 2 November at 5 pm, at SEDOS.

Sr. Jeanne d’Arc Kamikazi will speak about her book Michel Ntuyahaga, primo vescovo Murundi,

Michel Ntuyahaga, primo vescovo Murundi
and Fr. Peter Baekelmans will speak about his book Jesus and Kukai, a world of non-duality.
Refreshments will be served after the talk.
Everyone is welcome, but please register for this event in advance at
Jesus and Kukai, A world of Non-Duality

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  • I would like to get into contact with SEDOS again and receive regular news items, please. Anselm Prior, OFM.

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