SEDOS Residential Seminar 2020: POSTPONED !

SEDOS Residential Seminar 2020 (Seminar in four languages) 

                      Living Green Mission  

                                  at Centro Ad Gentes, Nemi (Rome).

                        In cooperation with JPIC of USG/UISG!!!


Because of the ongoing spread of the Corona-virus, the Executive Committee has decided to postpone the event to a later date, in autumn or as the next Residential Seminar of begin May in Ariccia 2021.

We keep you updated of new evolutions in programming this once in a year event!

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Peter Baekelmans (director of SEDOS)


For current program see

EN Sedos Residential Seminar 2020 Program

IT Seminario Residenziale Sedos 2020 Programma

FR Séminaire Résidentiel Sedos 2020 Programme

SP Seminario Residencial Sedos 2020 Programa

For Registration form see:

EN Inscription Nemi 2020

FR Inscription Nemi 2020

IT Iscrizione Nemi 2020

SP Inscription Nemi 2020

Register here:-   (Please register before 8 April!)

(Announcement: Centro Ad Gentes cannot house more than 86 people!  We are now over our limit. The rest will be housed in two smaller buildings in the compound or at the Mercedarian Fathers in Nemi village, close to the venue. We will ask the person for his/her approval before the registration is final.)

How to apply for a VISA to come to the seminar:

1. Info about Visa application

2. Sample of SEDOS Invitation letter

3. Sample of Confirmation of Registration

4. Form-Proof of Sponsorship or Private Accommodation

5. Sample of Visa application with certificate from Vatican State



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