Sabbatical Renewal Program For Catholic priests and religious in Africa.

Sabbatical Renewal Program
For Catholic Priests and Religious in Africa.

Program Contents
The renewal covers the four areas of formation: Human,
Spiritual, Pastoral and Academic. The program
will cover the following:
 Capacitar for resilience
 Challenges of faith in Africa
 Emotional intelligence and resilience
 Engaging our Diversity in Interculturality
 Graceful Transitioning in life
 Holistic living (self care)
 Integral Renewal
 Introduction to pastoral counseling / helping skills
 Justice, peace, integrity of creation
 Leadership and Management
 Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI)
 Retreat
 Scripture and mission
 Signature Strengths for mission
 Theory -U: being led by an emerging future

Download brochure:- 2020_Brochure_ 6 month Sabbatical – Tanzania

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