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Just imagine that when Jesus was growing up he must have realized there was some power within him, as he was God Incarnated. At the same time, he was fully human with all the human attributes. Jesus must have experienced an inner struggle time and again. A time came when he set out to search for himself, giving up everything. Long years past in the company of Abba, the Father, His Father, to realize who he is. Once he is fully aware of himself, he comes back to do the will of God

Jesus: Message and Model of Mission

The person of Jesus is found at the center of Christian mission. Recent Popes have spoken eloquently about Jesus and evangelization. Pope Paul VI in Evangelii Nuntiandi noted: “Jesus himself, the Good News of God, was the very first and the greatest evangelizer; he was so through and through: to perfection and to the point of the sacrifice of his earthly life” (EN 7). In his mission encyclical Redemptoris Missio, Pope John Paul II asserts that Jesus is “at the center of God’s plan of salvation” (RM 6) and that “the Church cannot fail to proclaim that Jesus came to reveal the face of God and to merit

Mission in Asia Today

Christian mission efforts in Asian countries did not produce a lot of success. There were some initiatives towards dialogue, particularly in the wake of Vatican II and its perspective of God’s mission and the Kingdom of God. The Asian churches built on these grounds and developed the triple dialogue with the poor, the religions and the cultures of Asia. Today, with the fourth industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, the humanization remains as an important challenge in mission.

A Vision for the Future of Religious Life

Sowers of Prophetic Hope, here we are! I am grateful for the invitation to be here today, to the UISG President Sr. Carmen Sammut, MSOLA, and the UISG board, and to Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM, thank you for your trust. As we begin our assembly today, I know hope is in this room simply because we are gathered.

Ce n’est plus dans les périphéries

La violence due à l’organisation sociale, telle que nous SMA l’avons vécue dans le nord du Nigeria et en Afrique de l’Est, n’est plus un événement ponctuel ; elle n’est pas davantage située seulement aux périphéries de la réalité africaine d’aujourd’hui. Elle est souvent au cœur du ministère dans lequel nous sommes appelés à nous engager au nom de Jésus et par notre charisme.

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