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Vol.53 Num. 11/12 – November-December

Editorial – Issue 53 11/12

We are nearing the end of 2021. The pandemic keeps limiting our actions but at the same time invites us to discover new ways in reaching out to our SEDOS Members and all those interested – and active – in Mission. – Fr. Peter Baekelmans, CICMExecutive Director

Being a Mission on this Earth

Evangelisation has to do less with technical procedures and media but is fundamentally a question of human relationships. Anthropology has the task of analysing cultures and human behaviour and thus lays the ground for a missionary encounter.
By Christian Tauchner, SVD

Reintegration of Returnees: A Challenge to the Mission of the Catholic Church in Benin City, Nigeria

Migration, generally, has gained attention from different thoughts of schools as the inflow of people does not only precipitate conflicts and controversies such that it affects not only the migrants but as well as the receiving communities, which is thus making migration an increasingly volatile and contentious be it political or religious issue.
By Francisca Eniye Agho, SSH

América Latina, Una Iglesia en Marcha!

El presente artículo responde a la inquietud de conocer la Iglesia que camina en América Latina. El autor, sacerdote perteneciente a la diócesis de Istmina – Tadó, en Colombia, en su experiencia pastoral ha tenido la oportunidad de conocer las diversas regiones de gran parte del continente, ha participado en congresos y reflexiones en el ámbito misionero y en su propia diócesis ha confrontando la realidad de pobreza, violencia y marginación de las comunidades que habitan el territorio.
By Samir García Valencia

Mary’s Christmas Song A Magnificat Meditation

Advent and Christmas form a unique “Marian Season.” Christians recall that it was Mary, awaiting the birth of her son, who celebrated the very first advent. Mary made a unique faith journey, preparing for Christ’s nativity for nine full months. Filipinos make their proximate preparation for Christmas during Advent, particularly with the nine-day novena of morning masses, known as Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo, the “Mass of the Rooster.”
By James H. Kroeger, MM

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