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Vol.53 Num. 09/10 – September-October


SEDOS concluded a five-day Mission Symposium last month with more than 35 speakers on the theme: New Trends in Mission, The Emerging Future. A Summary of the Talks was put together by a Redaction Committee (see Document), and their conclusion was that Mission remains basically a Missio Dei: mission starts in the mind and heart of God. Furthermore, Mission is based on four interconnected aspects: Scripture, Experience, Holy Spirit, and the Cry of the World.

Journeying Together to Evangelize

Fr. Joseph Scaria Palakeel, MST

From the beginning of his ministry as Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis has consistently outlined and pursued a synodal vision of the Church. His first appearance at the papal window, immediately after his election in March 2013, signalled a new path for the Church. Through his writings, speeches and his symbolic actions he has clarified his intention to usher in a missionary-synodal Church with bottom-up and participatory communication.

La Comunidad Eclesial en Camino de Transformación

Samir García Valencia

La comunidad eclesial en su camino misionero ha constatado, en los diversos momentos históricos, la necesidad de transformación, nada ha sido estático. Del judaísmo se dio paso a la novedad del Evangelio, del temor a la persecución los seguidores de Jesucristo pasaron a arriesgarse con total libertad dispuestos a entregar su vida si las circunstancias lo exigían, nada frenó su valentía e intrepidez por anunciar la experiencia de la Resurrección.

“Noi” siamo Missione

Ida Colombo, Hélène Isräel Soloumta Kamkol, Maria Teresa Ratti, SMC

Siamo tre Suore Missionarie Comboniane che hanno avuto la gioia di essere state parte di una esperienza ministeriale condivisa all’interno della Famiglia Comboniana (FC). Costituita ufficialmente il 26 giugno 2019 come Commissione Famiglia Comboniana Ministerialità Sociale (CFCMS) dai nostri rispettivi Consigli/Coordinamenti Generali, aveva come obiettivi centrali quelli di:

DOCUMENT The Emerging Future in Mission

What do we mean when we use the term mission, what is mission? Seen from the input over the five days of the SEDOS Mission Symposium on the theme of “New Trends in Mission,” a great diversity in what mission is today emerged. The Redaction Committee has been listening to the talks given at the Symposium, along with its many participants online, and has been looking to see what major themes surfaced across the different talks that have been presented.

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