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Vol.53 Num. 3/4 – March – April

Editorial Vol.53 – 3/4

Fr. Peter Baekelmans CICM
Dear Readers,

On 12th of March this year, SEDOS organized a “Spring Session” on the topic of ISLAM and MISSION. Due to the ongoing pandemic it was organized as an on-line Seminar, a webinar, this meant that we were not able to see and hear the Speakers live. However, it gave many more people the opportunity to join in the event, also from outside Rome, even from far away countries, such as Asia and Africa; places where the dialogue with Islam is an especially “hot” topic.

Islam and Catholicism Towards a Dialogical Mission

Markus Solo Kewuta, SVD
At the beginning of my reflection on “Mission in Islam and Catholicism” which is the common topic of today’s seminar, allow me to raise a few difficult questions as a point of departure: Are Islam and Catholicism missionary religions? What does mission mean? Is it imposing one’s own faith on others? Can there be dialogue between missionary religions? How can Catholics and Muslims understand their missions in the contemporary world to serve peace and unity?

The Concept of Mission in Islam (Da‘wa)

John Mallare, CICM
I would like to greet everyone participating in this Webinar. I thank SEDOS, through its executive director, Fr. Peter Baekelmans, for inviting me to talk on “The Concept of Mission on Islam: Da‘wa.” This is a rather difficult theme to explore, since it is usually a Muslim who should explain this, but I took up the challenge and I hope to explain this, with the background knowledge I have.

How do Muslims view Catholics? My Personal Experiences

Aan Rukmana
It was a very inspiring moment when I had the opportunity to talk with Pope Francis during my short visit to Rome in 2011. We were sharing the same vision about the future of relation between Islam and Catholics. We also talked about the inner part or religion. I still remember when he was saying “we are family under One God”. For me, that short talk was a very special moment, especially for my spiritual journey as a Muslim in understanding the Catholic’s faith.

How Can Christians And Muslims Work For Peace in India?

Joseph Victor Edwin, SJ

The pulsating life of the Indian Union is preserved by sustenance drawn from the diverse religious, cultural and linguistic roots of the diverse peoples of India. This togetherness-of-diversity was sanctified when we, the people of this nation, resolved to adopt and enact the Constitution of India (adopted on 29 November 1946 and enacted on 26 January 1950) that framed India as a Sovereign Social Secular Democratic Republic with a parliamentary system of governance.

Called to Human Fraternity

Thomas Hendrikus, CICM

Contrary context
I thought that my desire to work in the field of interreligious dialogue came to an end when I accepted to begin a new missionary adventure in Belgium in 2015, a year after my Arabic and Islamic studies in Rome. A big question came to my mind whether my studies are still applicable here.

Que tes œuvres sont belles

Jeanne Kombe Lokalola, ICM
En ce jour où nous totalisons 11 ans de présence au Sénégal, je viens au nom de ma communauté à travers cet article remerciez avant toute chose, Père Peter et toute l’équipe SEDOS qui nous ont fait confiance pour contribuer à votre bulletin d’information. Nous allons essayer de faire découvrir à tous les lecteurs et les lectrices, l’aventure missionnaire de Sœurs Missionnaires du Cœur Immaculé de Marie (ICM) avec l’Église locale et le peuple Sénégalais à Podor/Sénégal. Nous avons expérimenté et témoigné de l’amour et de la fidélité de Dieu, Maitre de la Mission à travers différents événements quotidiens.

The Role of Catechists in the Dialogue with Muslims in Pakistan

Zafar Daud, FSC
Historical Background of Christians in Pakistan and need for dialogue

Traces of Christianity are found historically from St. Thomas the apostle’s presence in the court of Gondopharnes the famous king of Taxila near Rawalpindi between 19 and 45 A.D. When a few Christian communities exited in the northern areas of Pakistan. Since than Christian travelers have crossed this land from time to time without making any significant impact. Later in the 16th Century some Jesuit priests’ presence in Moghul Emperor Akbar’s court (1583) and their missionary activities is also part of the Christian history. Which by less support and favor of Emperor Shahjehan in (1650) did not bear much fruit.

Islam and Mission People of dialogue, not builders of new walls

Diego Sarrió Cucarella, M.Afr

Dear brothers and sisters, greetings to all of you from Rome.
Last Monday, most of Italy including the capital was declared a “red zone”. Although the restrictions are less strict than a year ago, they remind us that the pandemic is not yet over and because of this I would like to begin my intervention today with a thought for those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, the effects of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

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P. Christophe Roucou

“Dialogue in a time of violence: a reading of Human Fraternity from the ground”
Focus your presentation on relations with Muslims in the era of global terrorism.
What is the current situation in France and what is the role of religious leaders in facing these challenges?

How Beautiful Are Your Works

Jeanne Kombe Lokalola, ICM

As of today we have been in Senegal for 11 years, and on behalf of my community through this article I wish to thank Father Peter above all and the whole SEDOS team who asked us to contribute to the SEDOS Bulletin.