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Vol.52 Num. 11/12

Gabriel Witaszek (Translation)

Fr. Gabriel Witaszek, C.Ss.R.

The richness of the concept of holiness in the Old Testament derives from the fact that it is envisaged in relation to its very source, God, from whom all holiness springs”. God has been proclaimed a saint from very ancient times.


Gauthier Malulu Lock, S.J.

Theological Faculty of the Society of Jesus in Africa and Madagascar
“It is to you that we speak, Muntu woman, who rightly aspires to be mother, only wife, and full citizen in your social, economic and political context, key figure in our civilization, minister of the circulation of blood and basic culture.

Guida alla Lettura di Tutti Fratelli

Luigino Bruni

«Chi è quell’uomo di media corporatura», domandò Giacobbe, «vestito nell’eleganza di questo mondo?». «Babbo, è il tuo figlio Giuseppe», rispose Giuda. Con dolore e con amore guardò a lungo, intensamente, il volto dell’egiziano e non lo riconobbe.

lock gauthier Malulu (translation)

Gauthier Malulu Lock, SJ

“It is to you that we speak, Muntu woman, who aspires with reason to be mother, only wife, and full citizen in the social, economic and political life, preponderant person of our civilization

Religious life, between the bear and the ant

Carles Such, Sch.P.

The days we spent in quarantine, 107 to be exact, have given me time to think, to reflect and consider many aspects of our religious life in the light of this experience. Quarantine for we religious, in so far as being “confined” meant not only an intense personal relationship, living in a limited space, deprived of all social activities, etc.

Woman in the New Testament, II

In this concluding article started last month, Dr Anand presents first a study of the “biographies of Jesus,” i.e., the classical “synoptic questions,” enlarged to include John’s gospel. He explains…

Vida religiosa entre el oso y las hormigas

Carles Such, Sch.P

En estos días que hemos pasado en cuarentena, 107 para ser exactos, me ha dado tiempo para pensar, reflexionar y contrastar muchas cosas de nuestra vida religiosa a la luz de lo vivido. La cuarentena para nosotros los religiosos,

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