Our MSC Belgium Province continues to be affected by this pandemic.

Br. Robert Ryckebusch, MSC (French MSC Province) was the first MSC who passed away due to COVID 19. Despite the sadness of this moment we thank God for the living missionary witness of Br. Robert. He spent many years in Senegal and was a deep presence in Issoudun, France. He was a member of the community in Marseille.

Also in these days three MSC Confreres from Belgium have passed away from this disease: Alfonso de Nijs, Edgard De Vlaminck and Jef Bosmans.  We remember their dedication to the MSC mission in Congo and Brazil.

This means that, up until now, we have lost four MSC confreres for this Pandemic that our world continues to face.

We are glad to hear that in Belgium Andre Claessens, Paul Verbruggen and René Van Looy are recovering well at home.

Three confrères in Spain have been able to recover from COVID 19: Manolo Barahona, Jose Ramon Gárate and Willy Mendez.

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