Holy Family Hospital in Techiman, Ghana, where several Medical Mission Sisters currently work, has formed a COVID-19-Response Team, which is leading the effort to prevent the spread of the virus in their area, whether through public education or by raising awareness, using all available means. The sister pharmacist at the hospital, Sister Rita Amponsaa-Owusu, heads a team, making and packaging a continuous supply of hand sanitizer for use by hospital staff and they sell it, basically at cost, to others in the local community.


In Peru, the sisters and some Associates participate in an inter- congregational work of delivering donated food to the most needy – by foot! This includes families of children with disabilities to ensure that no-one is left behind.

St Catherine of Siena

It is not the hour to seek one’s self for

one’s self, nor to flee pains

in order to possess consolations;

nay, it is the hour to lose one’s self.

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