At the General House of the Society of Mary in Via Latina 22, Rome, there are two communities, each with its own particular programs: the Curia community and the Seminary community. Some important steps have helped and continue to help us to live this period of confinement: 

  1. One Community

Here in Via Latina, the communities of the General Administration and the International Seminary have temporarily fused into one, in order to better manage the strict norms of hygiene and “social distancing” that these days demand. We are experiencing One Community. Indeed, since the beginning of the confinement, we have decided to come together for prayers and meal sharing. This sharing has helped us a lot to overcome solitude and the fear of isolation.

  1. A Family

We have formed a virtual family together with our collaborators and people familiar with our Sunday Eucharistic celebrations. So we put the photos of each one of them in the chapel as a way of showing our closeness and opening our prayer to them.

  1. Passion and Easter

We have lived two very special moments: Holy Week and Easter. Through these two moments we lived intimately our encounter with Jesus who died and rose again. We lived them in union with all Christians, especially those who did not have the chance to experience these strong moments of the Church. From our terrace the brothers performed Easter songs on Resurrection Sunday and Easter Monday. Thus our neighbors were able to live with us this Easter joy.

  1. Eucharistic Adoration

The day of prayer and fasting proposed for the diocese of Rome was also lived as a day of Eucharistic adoration. We took turns in adoration throughout the day. It was very important and significant for us.

  1. Dialogue

We received a guide for psychological care in this time of pandemic in different languages. The guide was produced by the team of the Jesuit University of Comillas (Madrid). The guide offers very interesting reflections on personal and community life, prayers and relationships with the outside world. In small groups, sometimes linguistic, we exchange on these different themes. It also allowed us to share our fears and hopes. 

  1. Messages of Support and Hope

We sent a short video message of happy Easter to the whole Marianist family throughout the world and to our relatives and families.  In return, they also sent us videos full of hope. It brought us so much closer together.

Finally, let us look at the new world that is on the horizon and that so many people are calling upon with all their heart. Let us be ready to work for its growth so that afterwards it will not be just a return to “business as usual”, without hope. May today’s sufferings not remain without fruit and may contribute to this rebirth.

The communities of Via Latina 22 send you their sincere greetings filled with great fraternity and fraternal Love, assuring you of their fervent prayer for the good health of all the members of SEDOS, of the entire Christian Family, and of those with whom we work.


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