Chainpur – Jharkhand State

Harrowing visuals of migrant workers who were thrown out of their jobs and desperately trying to get home – attempting to walk impossible distances without food and money shook our collective conscience. There were 50 families being paid a meager sum of Rs. 10/- per day for their sustenance during this time of lockdown in the brick factories and construction sites. The rations of rice, pulses, vegetables and oil that we provided was a welcome blessing for them.

Andheri – Mumbai.

Through Chalice sponsorship program we have advanced Rs. 4000/- from each child’s account towards food supplies for 50 families. Further, we provided 25 families with food and hygiene kits and Rs. 1000/- to each of 5 families apart

from supporting some senior citizens with medicines. In partnership with Mantra Foundation and Nirmal Niketan College of Social Work, 200 food packets were given to senior citizen families at Goregaon, Mumbai. We also prepared 1500 food packets and distributed to the surrounding slum families in collaboration with Prayas Ek Koshish, a Gender equality and Human Rights Organization.

Good Shepherd Provincialate – Nagpur

We responded immediately to the people who were stranded from neighboring states especially the construction workers. We connected them to NGOs, providing packed food and also distributed relief materials. We provided food grains and pulses to 100 families of unorganized workers like daily laborers, construction workers, vegetable and fruit vendors, domestic help and to the elderly people from our neighborhood.

Sponsorship Program by CHALICE Canada

CHALICE Canada supports 1100 children for education through the sponsorship program and specially emphasize on health care of the child and his/her family. During this COVID-19 times, they have guided us to inform the staff to follow the guidelines of the Government and utilize the sponsorship money in the bank to purchase provisions for the family.

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