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The Covid-19 epidemic has influenced the lives of millions on this planet. A little piece of dust, invisible to the human eye, that can paralyze so many of us on the planet. Who would have thought that such a thing would be possible in our modern times? But it is! It shows us our human fragility, and the superiority of nature. Nature is enjoying this time of worldwide lockdown. It is showing us how much we destroy of its beauty and magic. Maybe it was she that has created this virus as a kind of self-protection?

But in the midst of epidemic, we also see the beauty and strength of humanity. In face of such a disastrous epidemic, people work together, faith and hope are stressed, and donations are made for those who work on the frontline. SEDOS has also given a generous contribution to the Civil Protection in Italy who is supporting the medical staff in the country, and to Sant’Egidio Community who serve the poor in Rome these difficult days. Little gestures of compassion.

We start this issue on the Covid-19 crisis by three articles that relate to this current worldwide problem.

The first article is of the Sacred Heart Missionary Fr. Richie Gomez in the Philippines, who reflects on the effects of global warming and Covid-19.

Another article is of Salesian Fr. Joe Mannath who takes up a recent article of The New York Times that reflects on the role of sisters religious during the Spanish Flu crisis of 1918. It helps us to relativize also a bit our current crisis. Of course, if we would not have had all the social communications and great technology of today, we might have been much worse off too.

The last article is of a CICM confrere from the Philippines who reflects during Lenten Season about the Covid-19. Although Lent is already long finished, Covid-19 not, and his reflections can help to look at the whole problem from a faith perspective.

And lastly, our SEDOS Member Congregation are doing their best to lessen the negative effects of the epidemic in many different ways. We have gathered in this issue of the SEDOS Bulletin an little overview of the wide variety of their Works of Mercy. For a more detailed information of each Congregation, see the SEDOS Website.

Creativity of love can overcome isolation

Pope Francis expressed his appreciation for the “generosity of those who put themselves at risk for the treatment of this pandemic or to guarantee the essential services to society.”

He called them “heroes.”

The Pope said he is also thinking about those facing financial difficulties, those in prison worried about themselves and their families, and the homeless, who have no home to protect them. “It is a difficult time for everyone. For many, very difficult.”

Here in this issue of the SEDOS Bulletin,

some of the creative Works of Mercy

by SEDOS member Congregations!

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