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We had planned to publish some articles on Mission in China Today based on the conference we had planned for SEDOS in Rome. But like so many other events we have had to postpone it and so we are saving the articles for a later date when the event will have taken place. Instead, we have selected some articles in different languages that concern mission today in general.

The first article is by Pierre Diarra who was asked to comment on the different contributions for the Dossier, “What did I learn from the mission”, in the French review SPIRITUS of September 2016. In short, he states that: “From the previous testimonies that make up this Dossier, it is possible to indicate avenues for theological reflection. Witnesses emphasize their relationship with Christ and those that they must build up with those to whom they are sent, revealing how Christ is the foundation of mission and why mission is above all a service. For the missionary, this first supposes a special bond with Christ, a vocation, with a desire felt personally and confirmed by an official call to the Church. This then implies, for the person sent, work on oneself and adequate training to render better service.”

The next article by Jakob Kavunkal, SVD, shows how Genesis Chapter Three, in contrast to the traditional interpretation, i.e. the description of the human fall and the origin of sin, allows for an alternate reading. Furthermore, it points out the implications of this new understanding for the theology of mission today.

The third article by James Kroeger, MM, looks at the last two International Eucharistic Congresses (IEC) that were held in the Philippines. Many parallels between these two congresses can be drawn; however, according to the author, in the basic vision and orientation of both events, one pivotal theme recurs constantly: Eucharist and Mission.

The fourth article from the hand of Sr. Maria De Giorgi is about the visit of Pope Francis to Japan, a travel he wanted to make as young missionary, he shared in Tokyo on the evening of November 23:   “I don’t know if you know it, but since I was young I felt sympathy and affection for this land. Many years have passed since that missionary impulse, the realization of which was long overdue. Today the Lord offers me the opportunity to be among you as a missionary pilgrim in the footsteps of great witnesses of the faith”.

We close this issue of the Bulletin with a text for contemplation during this Lenten Season, written by  Nicholas Austin, SJ: The Virtue of Asceticism.

We add to all this an overview of the lectures that will be given at our next Residential Seminar on the topic of “Living Green Mission”.

You will find on the back cover of this edition a prayer for those who are suffering from and/or are afraid of the corona virus, and for those who feel it is their mission to help those afflicted by it.

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