Our Congregation deals with COVID-19 in:


House of Abraham conducted a moment of inter-religious online prayer in our house in Jerusalem- ON TUESDAY, 03/31/2020 for Believers of all religions, to pray for a worldwide increase in solidarity, compassion and tenderness for the most vulnerable in the face of the pandemic.


Spain – Mallorca 

The association “ENCOUNTER PROJECT”, is formed by a group of volunteers, catholic lay people and some Sisters of Mallorca, to care for the homeless. There are many people who take refuge under the bridges, in the porticos of the buildings, lying on the benches in public squares or finding places to spend the night, seeking shelter from cold and withstand the weather conditions.  Every Tuesday nights, the volunteers come to the meeting in a square in Palma, after prayer we divide into small groups. Each group is assigned to a sector of the city where we know there are homeless: we bring them some dinner, we talk to them, we create links of friendship and closeness and we discover their sufferings of rejection, loneliness and illness. 

India – Bangalore

In collaboration with some private agencies we distribute 300 food packets daily to the poor in the slums near and far, with special permission from the police department and taking necessary precautions. We also distribute food kits to women in the Self-Help Groups.

As regards to the great need for self-protection and the scarcity of masks in different places, sisters in Bangalore, Dhulkot and Paruthiyoor are making masks and are distributing to the people around.

In Paruthiyoor, one of our sisters offer online counselling services to people in need. In Dhulkot, our sisters offer awareness classes to the people around.

During this time of enormous needs generated by this crisis, we have been able to find new forms of response as we live the mystery of death and hope for a new life in the Risen Lord for all our brothers and sisters.

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