Dialogue with Father Tesfaye Tadesse Gebresilasie, Superior General of MCJJ and new President of SEDOS:

How is your experience as Religious and Missionary Community of COVID-19 epidemy?

Yes, as a sharing of experience, I can say that the first thing we did as General Council in March was to write to the whole Institute recommending that all Comboni Missionaries avoid unnecessary traveling, so as not to be infected or contribute to the spread of the virus. Then we informed that in the coming months, the members of the GC will not make any visits and all visits scheduled during the coming weeks are cancelled and that they will be rescheduled after normality is restored.

We invited the confreres to accept this situation of theCOVID-19 pandemic, with much faith and hope and as a call from God to become more and more Missionaries; who are increasingly committed to communicate with their lives; hope and confidence in God’s protection. We are once again sent as missionaries, who are invited to share serenity, hope and renewed impetus for the mission entrusted to us. The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed and is still claiming many victims in almost every country in the world.

We too, as Combonian Missionaries and as Comboni Family, have been severely affected by this pandemic with many confreres between Italy and Spain and many Comboni Missionary Sisters in Italy who died with and without coronavirus. With our Combonian missionary Sisters, we had great experience of mutual comfort and reciprocal solidarity.

In our particular and special moments of prayer for the situation of suffering caused by coronavirus, like the Daily Adoration, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, we think of all those who suffer and who are still under the threat of the virus and we accompany them with our prayers.

We thank the Lord with all those who have been healed and are totally recovered from this infection. We have learned much from the generosity of many doctors, nurses, medical personnel, politicians and volunteers,  who have sacrificed themselves at the service of the people; like many priests, religious men and women and lay people. I send you the copy of our a message we wrote together with the General Council of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, some weeks ago and our last Easter Message in this moment of coronavirus.

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